Neighbourhood Project News

Hi I’m Hayley.

I’m the one writing this blog (although not exclusively – there’ll be contributions from others as time goes on!).

I thought I’d start by introducing myself as we embark on this blogging journey together. I am the New Team leader of The Neighbourhood Project, employed by the Liverpool Methodist District.

Now you may be wondering what on earth ‘The Neighbourhood Project’ is, so let me give you a brief explanation, if you want to know more you can check out our about and values pages on the website.

TNP (or The Neighbourhood Project) is a new piece of work being undertaken by the Liverpool District. To explore an approach to mission based upon a ‘missional community’ that equips people to be missional outside of the walls of the church on their own ‘frontlines’ (basically in the places they spend their time and with the people they spend it.) 

The hope is that we will grow our missional community through everyday mission, enable others to meet with Jesus and explore faith, and eventually to develop a new worshipping community rooted in the context we are in. 

There’s lots more I could tell you so if you’re interested in hearing more please get in touch.

Now you know a little about our work, I’ll share a little about me.

I’m married to Michael and we have two wonderful (and adventurous) boys. I’ve been involved in missional work through most of my ministry and have a heart for people to know Jesus more deeply and for mission in all its forms. I am a very creative type, I pretty much enjoy anything arty (except colouring in, I’ve never got on with it!) and I’m a bit of an imaginative explorer so I love trying new things. I enjoy reading, both fiction and non. I’m an archer when I’ve got time and am a real outdoors lover. I am so thankful to live between the sea and the countryside and to have the option of walking in both daily.

I hope that gives you a taste of what the project is about and who I am. I hope you’ll come on this blog journey with me (and the team) as we explore what we can learn from this new work, being a missional community and living missionally in our daily lives.

Speak to you soon