Neighbourhood Project NewsChalkboard with the word values

As we’ve been reflecting on this project and what we want it to be, there has been a sense of certain ideals, beliefs and commitments that are foundational to this whole work. They speak of who we want to be, what we want to look like and how the work will be shaped. 

We felt it was right for us to define a set of values that will outline what our focus is and give a skeleton on which to build this work. Our values will shape what we do. They will shape how we do things. They will act as a reminder to keep us focused on what is important. Keeping us on course and true to what we are doing. They also provide something tangible for those involved to commit to and grow into.

It’s important to say that these ‘definitions’ are not exhaustive but are intended to capture the flavour of what we mean for each value. We could absolutely expound and converse on them further and I imagine we will as our work develops. The full explanation of our values can be found on our values page of the website if you wanted to read more.

That being said, here are some brief outlines of the 4 keys values we’ve identified for TNP:

Imaginative Practice

This is all about using our imaginations to dream and explore what could be possible, without the limitation of what currently is. This involves being committed to experimentation and play. To thinking creatively and exploring new ideas. To being curious and allowing that to shape our future work.

Prayerful Discernment

Prayer is key for this whole work, everything we do will be rooted in prayer. Praying together, praying for one another, praying for others, praying for opportunities to share Jesus, prayer, prayer, prayer. We are also seeking to develop prayerful discernment as a missional community, listening to God, being sensitive to where and how God is moving and speaking and being responsive to that.

Intentional Community

Someone once said that hospitality is about ‘opening our hearts to one another’. It’s an image I love! This work is going to focus around building an ‘intentional community’. Working to create it, together. Which means there’s a commitment required from those of us involved – to open our hearts to one another, and to those on our frontlines. To share our lives with one other. To pray, study, worship and fellowship together, however that looks. To create a space where honesty, integrity, vulnerability and trust can be practiced. To focus on relationships rather than ‘activities’ in all we do.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is something that is fundamental to the Christian faith. We commit to grow and learn as we develop within our Christian communities. It is also something we feel is essential as we develop this new missional community and seek to grow a new form of worshipping community. We are committed to learning about God, ourselves, our communities, each other and mission. We will explore new approaches to church, worship and mission and continue this through the life, growth and multiplication of the project. 

The values we hold shape who we are and what we do. This is as true for us as individuals as it is for organisations. Our values are determined to shape the identity and practice of our missional community and the things that grow from there. As we are committed to continual learning and growth these will always being reviewed and reflected upon, they may shift, or expand or change as the need requires, but as we begin they will form the foundation for who we are.